Approach to Counseling

My approach to therapy is individualized for each client, and is grounded primarily in Emotion-Focused, Narrative and Family Systems theories. From this perspective, I work with you to explore both your individual emotions and needs, as well as how they interact in your relationships with yourself and others.

Emotion-Focused work encourages exploring and experiencing your emotions in the room, as they provide useful information to help you connect with, and articulate, your deeper needs. I find that this work is particularly helpful with couples for addressing unhelpful patterns, accessing underlying emotions and needs, and beginning to heal past hurts.

Narrative work explores how we talk about what is getting in our way, and challenges us to use language that will help us feel empowered to enact change in our own lives. This can be particularly helpful for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression or past traumas.

Systems work takes into account that we all live in the context of relationships with others, and that we are impacted by these relationships within a larger sociocultural context. Through a systems lens, we can explore how you might hold onto your true self while connecting with others in a way that fits with your deepest held values.

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